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Cult is a television show on the CW network. It is a show-within-a show, focusing on a fictional crime show called Cult, and the real-life crimes that are linked to it, including the disappearance of main character journalist-blogger Jeff's brother. The pilot was rejected by the WB six years ago, but has now been picked up by the CW, and is targeted toward a young adult audience.
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CULT Trailer HD-0

CULT Trailer HD-0


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Kelly Collins
Marti Gerritsen is the actress that plays Kelly Collins in the show within a show. Kelly is the lead female character in the show within a show Cult. An LAPD detective, Cult centers around her cat and mouse game with Billy Grimm. Read more...
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  • Eerie4

    149 PCE

    March 23, 2013 by Eerie4

    David Mann's cain the movie Duel was a 1970 red Plymouth Valiant with California license plate 149 PCE. The same as on the show.....

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  • Eerie4

    Show links

    March 4, 2013 by Eerie4

    The cafe's web page

    Steven Rae's blog

    and a hate group

    i do believe these all to be "offical" show site anyone found any others?

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Cult - The Devil You Know Preview

Cult - The Devil You Know Preview

The Devil You Know Promo

Promo for The Devil You Know'.

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