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Roger Reeves

Cult reeves02.jpg
Name Roger Reeves
Gender Male
Spouse(s) unknown
Family unknown
Job actor
Portrayed By Robert Knepper

Roger Reeves is an actor on the fictional show Cult. In Cult, His character on the show is called Billy Grimm. In the parallel worlds of this show-within-a-show


"They Say I'm Dangerous"

Billy Grimm is a compelling but ruthless cult leader in a fictional television series. He is a charismatic madman who commands his own cult of followers willing to do anything Billy asks of them, including kidnapping and murder.

Season 1[]

Off-screen, Roger is an affable, working actor. However, as the show grows more popular, Roger, like his co-star Marti, starts to feel its effect on his life. He soon isn’t sure who he can actually trust.